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Testing pools

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Any athlete in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) will be required to provide whereabouts information.

ASADA maintains a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and a Domestic Testing Pool (DTP) for the purposes of implementing, coordinating, administering, monitoring and enforcing effective doping control measures.

If an athlete is selected to be part of the RTP or the DTP they will be informed by ASADA or their sporting organisation.


Athletes in ASADA's RTP and DTP, in addition to any other athlete who meets ASADA's definition of Athlete under the ASADA Act and ASADA Regulations, may be subject to both in-competition and out-of-competition sample collection.

ASADA makes the final decision on who is included in the RTP and DTP, based on a number of factors (see list below).

ASADA is not able to discuss why a particular athlete or athletes are included on the RTP or DTP, as it may affect the effectiveness of the doping control program.

Factors for inclusion in the RTP and DTP

Inclusion in ASADA's RTP is based on a number of factors related to the athlete and the sport. These may include:

  • physical demands of the sport and possible performance enhancing effect that doping may elicit
  • available doping analysis statistics
  • available research on doping trends
  • injury
  • withdrawal or absence from expected competition
  • going into or coming out of retirement
  • behaviour indicating doping
  • sudden major improvement in performance
  • changes in whereabouts information that can indicate a potential increase in the risk of doping, including moving to a remote location
  • athlete sport performance history
  • details of past doping controls
  • athlete reinstatement after period of ineligibility
  • reliable information from a third party
  • training periods and competition season
  • serving periods of ineligibility or provisional suspensions as consequences of Anti-Doping Rule Violations.

The DTP mostly contains athletes who are in national senior teams or squads (or the equivalent level, depending on the structure of the sport) who are not in the RTP. ASADA is able to source the details required for doping control programs relevant to the DTP from the national sporting organisation (NSO).

Information required for RTP
ASADA testing pool
Athlete type
Information requirements
Information source
Whereabouts information
Athletes who meet RTP criteria
Personal contact details and initial contact details
National sporting organisation (NSO)

Training, camps and competition

Athlete and NSO

Information required for DTP
ASADA testing pool
Athlete type
Information requirements
Information source
Athletes in national senior teams/squads (or equivalent) who are not in the RTP
Personal and contact details

Training camps and competitions


Information on retirement and reinstatement can be found in the Whereabouts section.